Our team

James Luib

Strategy Designer

James is an advertising and marketing aficionado who specialises in graphic design and visual communications. He’s fond of creating and executing marketing strategies for businesses. With a knack for solving problems, James equates everyday situations to mathematical problems, believing that like every math problem, these situations will have answers.

This aspiring polymath has traditional paintings, murals, doodles, caricatures, and random sketches, filmmaking, and writing under his belt — with some of these now getting recognition in the art industry. 

Having experienced work at an early age, James had been exposed to different roles and responsibilities, which ultimately summed up in one fruitful career — visual arts. Now, kissed with more than five years of creative work experience, he aims to help businesses succeed in their marketing endeavours by creating effective, efficient, and compelling visuals. 

Always game for unplanned adventures, James is usually on the road for random drives on the weekends. Or he could just be searching for the next best pasta in town.