Client: 3wks

Project: Strategy and creative

From Startup to $4.5mil in 18 months

The Challenge:

Andrew Walker was one man with an idea for an IT services company when he approached Step Change. With a small budget and an idea that took 4 hours to explain, Step Change needed to launch the business.

The Solution: 

We developed the messaging then launched as a "lean startup for big business". Because of the strength of the messaging, Google began promoting the 3wks video and website, leading to a multimillion dollar client in the UK flying Andrew over and signing a massive contract just three days later! That’s the power of good strategy.

The Deliverables:

  • Brand story
  • Business strategy
  • Website
  • Sales tools
  • Explainer video

The Solution: 

From single person startup, Step Change built 3wks into a $4.5m revenue business with a 25 person team in just 18 months. In 2013 3wks won a Cool Company Award. Our work was also showcased by Google to their enterprise customers - this landed 3wks a $100m client in the UK in just 2 days.


Concept sketch

Final artwork

"Their work has been really successful - it has opened doors at some very large companies."

"Step Change developed our messaging then launched us with a website and video explainer. On the strength of the website and video alone, we landed a hundred million dollar client in the UK - two days later I was in London sealing the deal.

A very short time spent with Step Change made a very big and positive difference in how we market ourselves. I now have people nodding along in sales meetings - they get it - and it's made us a lot clearer about how to sell our unique proposition.

I'd recommend getting Step Change to review what you're doing around marketing. I now use them regularly when I have a marketing challenge. They've proven themselves to be versatile and best in breed.”  

Andrew Walker
Managing Director at 3wks

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