Invisible Marketing

the messaging we don't see

The hidden drivers that make people buy

While the “Mad Men” tried to out-brainstorm each other, the nerds at universities around the world were treating marketing as a science.

There are reusable frameworks for getting people to buy – for the first time, we’re telling everyone what they are.

What Is Invisible Marketing?

As the name suggests, invisible marketing is the messaging we don’t see. It’s what’s received by the customer, rather than what’s said by the company. It’s the emotional response we feel toward a product during a certain time of day or the desire to purchase something without feeling like we’ve been sold anything.

Invisible marketing isn’t guesswork. It’s driven by the principles of behavioural economics. This video explains more about the two decision-making sides of everyone’s brain.

Invisible marketing has three elements:

  • Triggers
  • Frame
  • Fuel

(We’ve named the elements based on the concept of a marketing rocket.)

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