Name Change

We just changed our name and brand.
Here’s why.

A note from Ashton Bishop, CEO at Step Change

It’s been a big year, and now it’s time for a big change.

That’s right — we’re changing our name. Well, tweaking it at least.

Let me tell you why.

Our roots have always been firmly in marketing strategy, but after years of tripling conversion rates and doubling businesses, we’ve had the same request over and over: “Can you please look at my business strategy?”

See, there’s plenty of consultants that do business strategy — from a financial optimisation perspective, looking to cut costs, consolidate suppliers, and generally digging out efficiencies wherever they can.

Now these guys are great at telling you why you are where you are today and shaving some costs from your P & L, but often poor at guiding a senior team toward a step change in growth.

So here’s the thing. We create business strategy from a different point of view, as we believe the business strategies that drive the top line start by asking, “What does your customer truly want?”

And the largest longitudinal study of over 25,000 over a 44-year period showed there are only two things that set apart the companies that win over the long-term from those that come and go. They focus on better before cheaper and revenue growth over cost cutting.

So that’s why our thinking starts with “What does your customer truly want?”

We didn’t think that was a revolutionary concept — but when it comes to making the strategic choices required to really answer that question, it became clear that it’s not common.

Two years ago, we ran our first business strategy program for a not-for-profit in Perth. Two months later, we ran the process in London for Sony Pictures’ Home Entertainment. In fact, in the last 12 months, we’ve worked on business and marketing strategy for more than 70 clients — from HP to ANZ, to real estate agency Hockingstuart, to family businesses, to startups looking for a fast start.

So here’s the change. As we get more and more demand for business strategy, we’ve become more than just a marketing strategy agency.

So it’s time to retire marketing from the name. Introducing:


You’ll still see us on stage at Stump the Strategist and all our familiar faces in the office. We’ll still create your predatory marketing strategy and shift your sales figures. But keep an eye out.

As you see more of our clients get breakthroughs across their businesses, ask yourself, “Where’s our next step change coming from?”

Start today and check out our new website at


Ashton Bishop

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