Client: Moreton Island Adventures

Project: RSPC4WD campaign

The Challenge:

With a whole island only accessible by 4WD and just 20 minutes from Brisbane, Moreton Island is a great place to get city 4WDers off road. We were tasked to capitalise on this and target new 4WDers, and those just wanting an easy off road experience.

Unfortunately these people either don’t think about Moreton Island at all, or their first thought is Frazer Island or one of the many popular 4WD destinations within a 4 hour drive of Brisbane.

We needed to create something to make Moreton Island stand out and get noticed with the 4WD crowd, while building our database.

The Solution: 

We created a movement:


(Roy’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 4WDs)

The RSPC4WD is here to get city 4WDs off the asphalt and back onto the dirt where they belong.

No longer will latté drinking, 50 Shades Of Grey reading, city dwelling, 4WD fakers be safe. RSPC4WD’s mission is to expose and end the disgusting scourge of 4WD neglect sweeping Queensland, and recruiting likeminded souls to join the crusade.

We set up RSPC4WD stands in dealers, and at 4WD motor shows, to talk direct to our audience. MIA staff were there handing out leaflets and spreading the word everywhere the RSPC4WD roadshow went. 4WDers can then follow the cause on a dedicated micro-site, Facebook and Instagram, helping spread the word further.

We’re using email content to keep the movement alive, with all subscribers receiving funny updates every month, like tips on how to spot 4WD abuse – coupled with information about the island.

Of course this links directly to booking a trip to Moreton, to “set your 4WD free”.

The Deliverables:

  • Content creation

  • Logo design

  • Brand look and feel

  • Marketing collateral (eDMs + print) 

  • Website design


RSPC4WD website


Print Collateral

The Results:

It’s still early days, but Moreton Island Adventures have already seen a tripling of engagement on every Facebook post, with views up by around 2000 per post. Also Facebook likes have tripled on every post, helping spread the word to all the friends of our 4WD lovers, many of whom will likely be 4WDers themselves.

The idea doubled trade show stand engagement, with word of mouth spreading reach around the show, and gained MIA a bucket load of emails, with all people super-engaged and looking forward to regular updates.

The idea caught the eye of Isuzu, who will be rolling it out to all their social media followers soon too.

The RSPC4WD journey has started… Watch this space for more…