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Alaska Pak


Whether she is applying social science theories, developing strategic framework, or drawing up digital masterpieces, Alaska’s creative way of thinking allows her to dabble in different areas of expertise to succeed.

Alaska has a degree in Psychology from Sydney University, but as soon as she graduated, she chose fashion over Freud. She worked with Australian designer Gary Bigeni before realising that her digital skills were like a second skin.

She then dove into the deep end of digital strategy, roaming the halls of Nestlé, providing her insight and expertise to major FMCG brands. While working alongside creative agencies, Alaska remembered her childhood passion for design and art, and she later parted ways with the strategy world to join her creative kin.

Coming from a background in digital with a penchant for impact over form, Alaska brings a keen eye for functional design. Her experience in both digital design and strategy has made her an essential asset in Step Change. From branding to interface design to packaging, she creates work that get our clients’ messages across.
Crowned the office snack queen, Alaska always makes it a point to keep her drawers full no Stepper should ever go hungry. When she isn’t making interfaces more intuitive, you’ll find her writing music, stumbling through a dance class, or continuing her quest to find the world’s best fries.