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Amandine Saille

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Amandine has a knack for delivering and implementing digital strategies. As the Digital Marketing Manager for Step Change, she is a master at optimising digital campaigns to deliver ROI for our clients. Every customer needs to be at the centre of digital implementation; as such, Amandine is frequently found at the forefront of every digital strategy, ensuring consistent client satisfaction through top-notch project management.

Prior to Step Change, Amandine was an Account Director and Senior Digital Producer in both Sydney and Paris. Organised and process-driven, she was responsible for several digital projects with a massive client portfolio ranging from startups to larger global FMCGs, airlines, insurance, and financial service companies for the last six years.

When she doesn’t have her glowing digital thinking cap on, you’ll find her out playing soccer or underwater as she likes diving. Amandine is a true-blue travel and adventure junkie, with a knack for taking beautiful photographs for her blog. Iceland, with its remote and scenic landscapes, is next on her hiking bucket list.