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Bernadette Frech

Finance Manager

Bernadette is the Finance Manager at Step Change. Prior to joining the team, she worked in a chartered accounting firm and other industries involved in property development, corporate psychology, and sleep apnea services. She has found that all these work experiences helped her learn how to best explain relevant finance matters to non-finance folks.

As Finance Manager, Bernadette plays a key role in the success of our everyday operations — tasked to look after Step Change’s financial health and making sure reporting and plans are helpful to Management as we keep on track with our long-term financial goals.

When she’s not doing Finance, Bernadette is passionate about books. If you haven’t officially met a bookworm yet, Bernadette has all the signs. A lifelong dream of hers is to own a floor-to-ceiling library of books — and have the time to read them all. When she’s not looking into the day-to-day financial operations within Step Change, you’ll find her in her favorite reading nook, finding time to read the books already collecting dust on several of her bookcases.