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Bingle Alisalis

Outbound Lead Gen

Bingle provides outbound support to the Head of New Business. She graduated with a degree in Business Economics and have since gained extensive experience working in Consulting and Services industries. She also developed a knack for excellent customer service, negotiation, and operations management — making her the perfect asset to our New Business team.

A true old soul, when she’s not at work, Bingle loves to just crawl up in her favourite nook with a book, binge-watch on Netflix and Korean dramas… and even cross-stitch! She is proudly tone-deaf but is happy to pretend she can sing and hold her own secret concerts!

Never one to back down from a challenge, Bingle is terrified of heights but would love to skydive or bungee jump one day! She hopes to one day travel to Turkey to explore all the artistic, exotic, and historic sites