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Chau Tran

Digital Manager

Chau is Step Change’s Digital Manager. A self-confessed digital marketing nerd, she specialises in marketing automation, developing multichannel journeys, and optimising the client experience. As a Digital Manager, she creates rich and engaging digital marketing experiences for clients across different industries.

With her drive and wealth of experience in leading global work streams focused on digital marketing strategy, Chau has worked with a range of clients across industries of varying sizes, including an Irish member firm to work on strategic marketing projects.

Prior to joining Step Change, Chau was the SME for marketing automation for Deloitte Australia and helped implement it in the United Kingdom as well. She has worked on other marketing automation projects for Alice McCall, RACV, ESPRIT (both in Hong Kong and Australia), and extensively with Amaysim. A blend of technology across multiple channels, Chau’s work helps build the capacity for social automation for the Customer practice. Chau has also helped clients in the past with end-to-end marketing and branding in fine dining, fashion, and bars.

When she’s not working on strategy and harnessing behavioural data, you’ll find her sipping her favourite rum with her nose firmly in a good book. When asked where she pictures herself being if she can be anywhere in the world, Chau dreams of eating her body weight in cheese, bread, wine, and armagnac in scenic France.