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Jack Williams

New Business Coordinator

Jack’s career at Step Change began in an interesting way. In 2016, he became an Uber driver and worked in the mornings with the intention of meeting business professionals. It paid off — one day, Ashton Bishop (our illustrious CEO) hopped in Jack’s car.

After wowing Ashton with his tenacity, Jack landed an internship at Step Change, and then had the role of New Business Coordinator created for him — all while still studying Commerce at UTS.

He certainly knows how to seize the moment; in 2014, he got a job as a Costings Analyst in the meat trading industry after a chance encounter with an executive while working in a supermarket.

When Jack’s not blazing trails, he plays soccer (in fact, he’s toured the world multiple times with the Pararoos), watches the F1, and drinks an absurd amount of coffee.