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Kerstin Allin

Senior Digital Exec.

When it comes to establishing an online presence, Kerstin is your go-to person. From email campaigns and website structure to online advertising and landing pages, she handles it all.

Kerstin has a Marketing degree with sub-majors in Business Innovation & Financial Management and Business Law from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). During her time studying there, she was a content creator and website manager for the UTS Women in Business Society.

Vigilant, meticulous, and quick to act, she keeps an eye out for digital assets that aren’t working and improves those that do. Digital audits are her favourite task as it makes her feel like a private detective when scouring the database for discrepancies and errors.

Not only is Kerstin skilled at tending to digital assets, she has the power of the plant. She loves plants, and they, in turn, love her. In fact, one of her lifelong goals is to study botany and learn both the common and scientific names of all the plants.