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Lauren D’Aran

Creative Producer

Joining Step Change in 2016, Lauren’s role and expertise spans across organising photography and video shoots, brand events, launches, and beyond. In short, she makes stuff happen and makes sure it works.

Lauren comes from the wild world of natural history documentary making. She spent five years developing and producing blue-chip series and specials for both Australian and international television. During this time, she honed her skills in wrangling complex projects, taking them from the seed of an idea through to final delivery.

From filming sea turtle hatchlings, elusive snow leopards, pregnant dingoes, aggressive alpha male kangaroos, to temporarily losing professional camera equipment in the Malaysian jungle, and dealing with moody directors — nothing can break this super producer’s cool.

When she’s not riding her electric bike around Sydney in search of the perfect French pastry, you can find her reading a juicy true crime.