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Louisa Frome

General Manager WA

Louisa is passionate about human behaviour, motivation, bias and how strategic marketing influences us. She graduated with a double degree in Psychology and went on to further study Commerce and Law. Prior to joining Step Change, Louisa has created two successful creative agencies and for more than 15 years has worked with leading brands such as 3M, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Pirelli, and Allergan, to name a few.

Louisa is a lifelong learner and enjoys the challenge of learning new languages and solving complex puzzles. She likes to unpack complicated problems by approaching each with a flexible analytical process and collaborating with her clients. She has a natural creative bent and has an uncanny ability to blur the lines of multiple disciplines to create a unique perspective and targeted solution for her clients.

When her face isn’t pressed against her computer screen she can be found running her dog on the beach, painting, travelling the world, or solving puzzles.