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Marcus Petaccia

Senior Designer

Raised by technology rather than breast-milk, Marcus understands what makes design tick in this digital age. Having worked for several notable design studios across Sydney, Marcus has a unique eye for stand-out designs that clearly communicate a business’s brand. Seamlessness, minimalism and depth are what echo through his design work as he constantly scours the net for inspiration and ways to improve his skills.

A graduate of Billy Blue College of Design, Marcus is a part of the new wave of designers that are Internet-savvy, app-literate and culturally aware. We were attracted to Marcus’s fresh perspectives and classic design style – along with his keen ability to throw around Internet lingo like ‘lit’ and ‘yolo’. But don’t be fooled by his Gen-Y disposition, his voracity for learning, and intuitive sense of design has opened doors for him. With brands like ANZ, Adelaide City Council and The Royal Hotel already under his belt, Marcus is a force to be reckoned with.