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Moanna Aranas

Digital Content Exec.

As a Digital Content Exec, Moanna conceptualises and creates strategic content for Step Change and its clients across a variety of digital channels and formats.

Her passion for digital transformation, disruptive tech, digital marketing, art, and multimedia drive her to always create powerful content that informs, inspires, and adds value to our changing world today.

With 8 years of experience as a Business Communication and Program-Specific Trainer in American multinational corporations, she has helped young professionals to Japanese CEOs and business leaders speak and communicate better.

A gifted writer and a versatile artist, Moanna’s work has been used for different client websites in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia and published in other content platforms such as Press Advantage, Digital Journal, and CBS.

When she’s not writing content, you can find her playing with her band, painting in her studio, or hanging out with other long-haired free spirits in art shows and exhibits.