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Moanna Aranas

Digital Content Exec.

Moanna was a corporate universal trainer for an international BPO company for six years. She delved in Communication and Culture and program-specific training and helped young professionals to speak and communicate better. She also taught Business English to Japanese professionals, making them confident and adept with the language. After several years as a trainer, she wanted to focus on her two biggest passions — writing and design. Since then, Moanna has been writing content for several international clients in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada and has been published by CBS, Digital Journal, and Press Advantage before joining the Step Change team.

As a Digital Content Executive, Moanna writes, edits, and proofreads all forms of content for Step Change and its many clients. With a niche for emerging marketing trends, social media platforms, and tech news, Moanna always delivers content that is memorable, engaging, and relevant.

But hold on to your seat, that’s not even the best part yet. With an international degree in Multimedia, Moanna can juggle both writing and graphic design. Outside of work, she leads another life as a professional artist, musician, and a creative at heart — exhibiting her paintings and designs at local art galleries.