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Ryan Miller

Strategy Exec

As a Strategy Exec, Ryan focuses on going above and beyond to deliver great results to clients. His day revolves around immersing himself in a client’s business, conducting research and delivering valuable insights, facilitating groups in client intensives, and building go-to-market plans, value propositions, and proposals to existing and prospective clients. 

Agile and organised, Ryan knows when to step in to fill gaps and does a stellar job at making sure deliverables are in order and critical tasks are executed efficiently — from helping create future Step Change IP, coordinating and planning events for the agency, to building EDMs and digital performance reports. 

Ryan worked his way into his current role, starting out as an admin assistant in 2017. Coming from little to no experience prior, he picked up the best practice of marketing and business strategy by learning on the job with the best strategists and marketers in the industry. 

Now, he’s worked with over 15 different clients in various industries, ranging from fintech start-ups to global telecommunications businesses. He enjoys helping people build the right tools to accomplish the goals they have set out for their organisation.

When he is not in the office, it is difficult to pin Ryan down. He loves the outdoors. His weekends are mostly spent on mini road trips to the Blue Mountains, hiking and rock climbing, or 10-minute drives to the beach to surf and swim. 

Ryan enjoys travelling to places he’s never been to before and immersing himself in a totally foreign place, experiencing different cultures. He feels that is why he ended up moving to Sydney and then staying — because there’s always more to see and someplace new to discover.