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Sabrina Maxwell

Digital Exec.

Sabrina’s passion for data-driven strategy made her a perfect fit for Step Change.

Initially, she started out as a digital intern, but it became clear how adept she was in building and managing digital campaigns that fulfilled client objectives. That, alongside her extensive knowledge in SEO optimisation, marketing automation, UX design, and content strategy, made it no surprise to anyone when she became a digital executive for Step Change.

Ever since she was young, Sabrina was always fascinated by the world of marketing and advertising.  Although this fascination came from the cute and innocent idea that marketers can get “free stuff” when she was five years old, she is now interested in consumer psychology and in the science of how brands are built and constantly reimagined in order to stay relevant.

Sabrina has a degree in Commerce (Liberal Studies) from the University of Sydney, which allowed her to study history, sociology, computer science, and, of course, commerce.

Before working in Step Change, Sabrina worked an an intern for TBWA, a recognised advertising agency. There, she was responsible for providing strategic insights by conducting research into consumer and cultural trends, performing competitive reviews, and assisting senior strategists.

When Sabrina isn’t optimising a digital campaign to its best potential, you can catch her reading a book by the beach or hanging back with her friends at a nearby café.