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Samantha Agir

Operations Support Lead

From landing a job within a week of graduation, to working with the multinationals IBM and NCR, Samantha’s drive and eagerness to challenge herself soon saw her handling major projects for Walmart, Bank of America and JP Morgan.

Adventurous and ambitious, Samantha has seen what makes businesses tick around the world. Her extensive travels to Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and Korea have given Samantha a well-rounded understanding of what’s happening in the world today.

From eating sushi to watching Korean dramas, you’ll find Samantha constantly finding ways to stretch her mind by challenging herself to accomplish tasks in a shorter time than anticipated. It’s this desire for self-improvement that draws her to TV series like Suits and The Mentalist. Forever surprising us with her aptitude for self-learning and problem solving, if you’ve got a challenge, Samantha’s the one to solve it for you.