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Sara Nemer

State Director, SA

As Step Change’s State Director for South Australia, Sara is out to make meaningful connections with South Australian business owners to help them find their next step change.

Born and raised in the UK, Sara worked as TV presenter; she also worked within celebrity events and in advertising sales. Before moving to Adelaide, Sara spent four years in the Middle East, where she became a contestant on the United Arab Emirates version of The Apprentice. Because of her entrepreneurial and innovative thinking, the group that ran the show hired her as a business development manager. In this role, she established strategic business-related partnerships and product launches for the group, which included launching a humanoid robot. Sara was also involved with production, including conceptualisation and development of Etihad Airways’ in-flight TV show.

When the global financial crisis hit, she initiated and presented the idea to develop a hotel brand and management company to ensure the group’s long-term growth, not only did Sara establish and operate the hotel brand, Canvas Hotels and Resorts, but after being promoted to general manager, she was responsible for the planning of the hotels in Abu Dhabi, Kazakhstan, and Mexico.

In Adelaide, she worked for RedBikini as an Associate Producer and in professional services with Adelaide Aspire. She also completed a diploma of Marketing at TAFE and started her own business venture.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband and two boys.