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Shiela Pantaleon

Managing Editor

Shiela is an inbound marketer with an extensive background in editing. Her passion for the written word drew her to take up a degree in Linguistics and Literature. After graduation, she worked straightaway in the publishing industry as an editor.

With her sharp eye for detail on technical matters of the written word and love for great stories, she’s worked with consultants, business leaders, war veterans, 9/11 witnesses, cancer survivors, victims of abuse, missionaries, teachers, and parents to make their stories resonate with their readers.

As the managing editor at Step Change, she helps brands deliver their message with impact across multiple channels. She oversees the company’s content marketing efforts, ensuring that our thousands of subscribers get the most relevant business and marketing insights to inform their strategy and grow their businesses. She supports the Digital Team as they build content marketing strategies for our clients through researching, planning, and producing relevant pieces of content for their target audience — from email content to articles to ebooks.

When she’s not producing top-class content, you’ll probably find Shiela practising Muay Thai or speaking at great length about how the world will be a better place if there were more editors who could scrutinise every billboard and street sign for clumsy typos.