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Stephanie Srour

Senior Designer

Stephanie was hired as a casual designer, but within a week, we knew she would never step out. Her design flair was apparent since her teenage years. Her designs were used by musicians on tour throughout Europe and on international high street fashion brands.

Stephanie was born with a pencil in her hand, ready to scribble on any obstacle that came her way. Reflective of her love for Edward Scissorhands, she too had stationery fingers, only, she used them to scribble on her mum’s expensive encyclopaedias. Her ability to flip tables using visual strategies and powerful brand identities was a product of her high achievements in design school.

Stephanie now brings a professional and minimalistic edge to Step Change. She uses her ability to simplify complicated messages and make people connect emotionally with her designs. With pencils for fingers, it’s hard for Stephanie to do anything else. So, outside of Step Change, she spends her time illustrating, hoarding inspiration, and keeping up her Instagram.