Client: To Be Me

Project: Strategy & Creative



The Deliverables:

  • Naming
  • Value Proposition
  • Brand Identity
  • Content plan
  • Digital 
  • Website 


ToBeMe were launching a brand new early learning centre. They came to Step Change with the challenge of taking them from ground zero, no name, no value proposition, and no brand, to a fully operational standout brand and website.


    • 20 registrations for the new centre in 2 weeks
    • Ranking for top keywords
    • 5% click through on average for Adwords

    Strategic Insight

    Step Change developed their brand story and brand essence, then rolled it out into a lean but standout brand look and feel. We also built them a website focused on collecting customer data for expressions of interest, as well as launched a digital campaign to increase their Google ranking and search traffic. 

    Some additional tactics included:

    • Step Change Retainer
    • Social Media Management
    • Website Design and Implementation
    • Email Direct Marketing
    • Adwords
    • SEO / SEM

    Style Guide

    Logo Thought Process 

    Digital applications


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