Invisible Marketing Series - Understanding Buy-ology

Issue 3/8

Buy-ology is the merging of evolutionary biology and the way humans buy. It’s an understanding of the decision-making process that leads someone to buy or not to buy. Watch the video below for a recap on System 1, System 2 thinking and how it applies to different brands. 





When selling a product or service, appeal to both System 1 and 2. First, gain emotional buy-in (System 1) before providing potential customers with a rational justification (System 2).


If you are ...


A Market Leader 

Keep things emotional and simple. You are the default System 1 option. Changing too much will trigger System 2 and lead to them considering other options.


A Challenger Brand

You need to trigger System 2 to direct attention away from the market leader. Aim to inspire the customer to re-evaluate and engage with what you’re offering.


In High-Stakes Decisions

Engage System 1 to win the client over emotionally first, as people make emotional decisions before they look for rational justifications. A high-stakes decision always involves both systems, but System 1 colours and filters the information System 2 receives. Therefore, if you're not winning the client's System 1 first, you're making the sales process much harder for yourself.


Stay tuned for next week's issue - 'Trigger: The Invisible Marketing Rocket'