Challenge our award-winning speakers live in a keynote session 

They'll tackle all your business, marketing & strategy questions live on stage


This is a unique opportunity where you can pose your trickiest marketing questions and get them answered by our strategists in just 9 minutes. Our strategists will use their wealth of experience to ensure you get the most targeted and specific answers to your question. Get ready to walk away with insights, new perspectives, and clear next steps for your business.

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Meet the Strategists

Ashton Bishop

Chief Executive Officer

Voted Speaker of the Year three times in a row by the world's leading CEO membership organisation TEC, Ashton knows how to keep you at the edge of your seat. Founder and brainchild of Step Change in 2009, Ashton is Australia's first Predatory Marketer.

Glenn Bartlett

Head of Strategy

Want clarity in strategic thinking and simplicity in creative execution? Glenn brings both blue-chip experience as a strategist and as a business leader. Having worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, Nestle, Unilever, and Coca-Cola, Glenn knows what it takes to make brands come alive.

Jeff Cooper

Founding Partner

Having raised over $1m in investment for startups, Jeff knows a great idea when he sees one. Crowned as one of Australia's top marketers and entrepreneurs in B&T and winning Anthill's 30-under-30 Awards, Jeff can give you the ins and outs when it comes to closing a sale. 


Adam Long

Executive General Manager

Voted top 30-under-30 in Australia twice, Adam has spoken in front of thousands of CEOs across the world. Having run one of Australia's first crowdfunding campaigns that caused an international stir in 2011 and cofounding his company Conscious Step, Adam brings a unique focus in innovation and strategic clarity. 

The best bit about our strategists? 

They have yet to be stumped!

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