Invisible Marketing

The Trigger

Remember the Invisible Marketing Rocket? It’s the toolkit used to explore what makes the greatest difference in marketing, System 1 and System 2 nuances and the triggers that make people buy. Watch the video for a recap and some examples of triggers.



This is all about getting the client to think about you. It’s about finding an emotion and a moment where you can connect with the client. It’s about creating reminders inbuilt in the environment that will trigger the client to think about your product or service.


A great example is the trigger for purchasing a car. A reason for buying a car might be – having more disposable income or a baby on the way. However, the emotional trigger might be the moment you put the baby seat into the car and realise your car is too small, or the moment your car starts to rattle. Marketers should aim to find the emotional trigger behind every purchase and use it to persuade the customer to buy.

Stay tuned for next week’s issue – ‘Framing to Influence Decisions‘.

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