Brand Box

The marketer’s ultimate toolkit

It took six books to collect the Step Change tools in one place

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book by book.

The marketer’s ultimate toolkit to driving business growth through successful brand building and innovation. Whether big or small, your brand has a number of secret weapons ready to be unleashed on the market to drive your business forward.

The power of a brand’s voice is potentially the most under valued and under utilised weapon of all. We’ll teach you how to use it to its full potential. In this book we will uncover the power of your brand and give you a set of tools and distinctions to unleash the power of your brand and business, all while teaching you how to drive truly deep, emotional connections with your audience.

It’s about information that’s consumable in the information age; distilling, compiling, combining and simplifying; making great thinking accessible and taking the mystery out of great marketing strategy. This book also gives you the tools to facilitate workshops and collaborative sessions to arrive at the answers you will need to drive business growth.

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