Invisible Marketing Series - But Why?

Issue 2/8

People are emotional. People don't just buy what you do, they buy why you do it. 'Why' is a powerful opportunity for you to connect with your customers and for you to differentiate your product from your competitors' products. Watch the video to learn the three invisible barriers between the why and the buy.



‘Why Not’

Your 'why' needs to be so strong it can penetrate through their ‘why not.’ ‘Why not’ is a consideration of life without your product. This means you need to dig deep into their pain points and highlight what it is about your product that will better their quality of life.


People Don’t Do as They Say

87% of people state that sustainability influences their purchase decisions. In actual fact, only 15% of shoppers are influenced by sustainability in their decision making. Big companies like Unilever and P&G often calculate propensity to buy with immense rigour only to have product failures because people didn’t do what they said they'd do. To overcome this, you need to introduce triggers that are inbuilt in the natural environment to gain top-of-mind awareness  so every time a person sees this trigger, they are more motivated to make the purchase and act on what they say.



 When was the last time you considered the ‘whys’ your competitor gave for their products? Are their reasons stronger than yours? Is there a way you can outsmart them with your strategy? (A great way to do this is with Predatory Marketing. You can find out more here).

Stay tuned for next week's 'Understanding Buy-ology'