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It’s not the best businesses that win. It’s the best marketing. Sure, you need to deliver an acceptable product or service, but this is only the start. The most powerful thing you can do is get your story right.

This means focusing on the benefits and implications that really matter. Less is more. You can only stand for one thing in your audience’s mind. Get this right, and you give yourself the best chance. Get it wrong, and your competitors are already ahead.

Think your brand story and key messages might not be doing you justice? In 4–6 weeks, craft powerful, easy-to-tell brand stories that work across online and offline media, get customers switching behaviours, and transform your business.

  • Messaging is 6x more powerful than the medium (David Aaker)
  • Your customers make decisions over your entire purchase cycle and relationship; thus a depth of messaging is required that’s suitable for use in key touchpoints
  • More than 6 in every 10 consumers have trusted relationships with brands who share their value  (Harvard Business Review)
  • Messages delivered as stories can be up to 22X more memorable than just facts (Buffer)

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  • An inspirational and directional purpose that encompasses all brands and stakeholders
  • A clear articulation of a powerful brand story and positioning
  • A defined value proposition and brand story that gives consumers something to buy
  • A 60-second elevator pitch for your key audiences and messaging summary, focusing on pillars of value written in natural language and can be rolled out across all your touchpoints
  • A polished copy that’s suitable to go in front of customers and be tweaked for your key pieces of collateral, including website, proposals, scripts, etc.
  • A bespoke mix of the most effective messaging frameworks and tactics to sew into your sales and conversion journey, which may include promises, guarantees, comparison tables, creative metaphors, examples, key facts and infographic wireframes, segment profiles, etc
  • A full write-up of all strategic thinking, tools, and Intensive outputs, which can be used for future reviews, align staff, and align internal stakeholders and functions
  • Clear brand personality and tone of voice guidelines
  • A list of 5–10 recommended names (legals not included)
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