Websites, UX and Development

Connects your website to your bottom line.

Whether you are looking for a landing page, some digital design or a full eCommerce site, our developers know how to connect to your customers and motivate them to buy from you. We have experience in WordPress, Magento, Shopify and many other platforms, so you know we can deliver on time and on budget.


With ux, design and development in-house under one roof, we’ll devise the right design with the perfect messaging to meet your business goals.

Some of our websites

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UX and Development

Global Search


Our UX designers know what your customers want to see and feel when they visit your website.

Digital Strategy


PHP, MySQL, HTML it doesn't matter we know how to build the right things for your business.


We have extensive experience across Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Hubspot and many other platforms.

Digital Branding & Creative

We have the creative chops to help you deliver a seamless cross-channel
brand experience.

Marketing Automation

We understand the power of using email to build relationships with potential and existing customers.

Website Development strategy

Inbound marketing

If you want a marketing funnel you are looking in the right place. Your business won't survive without great content, video or images.

Why Step Change for digital?

"Business first" thinking

We think business first and just happen to know a lot about digital marketing — this means you’ll get maximum results that impact the bottom line positively.

Honest and Transparent

We know that transparency is key to a successful partnership, so we’ll always keep conversations with you open and honest.

Quality is our passion

Your brand’s health is our reward. As a results-driven agency, we live and breath your successes. So when we work with you, you know we’re giving it our 100%.

Nose-to-tail agency

We don’t farm it out or white-label it. We are all about world-class efficiency, ensuring that the whole is greater than its parts whilst still realistically aligned with your budget.

You’ll get the entire agency

Partnering with us means you don’t just get one or two people assigned to help you grow your business — you get collective mind of the entire agency!​

Google and Hubspot partners

The evolution of digital is showing no sign of stopping - and neither are we. That’s why we are certified in virtually all areas of digital.

How Can We Help You?


Meet some of our key representatives.

Jeff Cooper

Founding Partner, Sydney

Call: 0415 954 062 

Step Change South Australia State Director

Sara Nemer

State Director, Adelaide

Call: 0424 906 331

Robert Steers

Head of Digital, Sydney

Call: +61 (2) 8030 8655

Jack Williams

Strategy Development Executive, Sydney 

Call: 0435 366 386



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