Inspiring Step Changes in businesses and people by turning leadership inside out

What do Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Elon Musk and Martin Luther King Jr have in common?

It’s not a trick question.

Leadership and personal power go hand in hand — one cannot exist without the other. A powerful presence is about turning leadership inside out.

At Step Change, we understand the distinction between management and leadership — one is to ensure consistency and order, the other is to motivate and drive the need for change. Normal leadership coaches teach you tricks to emulate the way leaders act without zoning in on the core of what makes up a leader: their self-awareness and their internal power. We give you the skills for self-reflection to help guide you along your own journey of self-discovery and uncover your own Powerful Presence.

If you’re wondering what you can get out of the leadership course hear from one of our graduates, Qattro’s MD, Brad Jansen.


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