A sharper brand with a unique competitive offering.



Bowhill Engineering came to Step Change with the concern that their brand and messaging, which were previously their differentiators, have now become parity in the industry. They lacked a clear separation from the industry in their processes and needed something to set them apart.

Strategic Insight

Bowhill Engineering is unique in its category by adding the most value to client projects when they are involved at the start of the project, where they are able to optimise the plans to create efficiencies and foresee and address any problems from the outset.

Explainer video


With a new positioning line that was born out of the value proposition workshop – Win Before You Start, we evolved the legacy brand into a new space by highlighting their competitive difference.
We also sharpened logo and brand design to create a symbolic, driven visual identity that is easily recognisable and stands out in the marketplace.
This was matched with a website designed to make the journey of their clients easier, positioning Bowhill Engineering as the clear go-to for tenders.