Develop a digital campaign to determine usage occasion and correct audience.

Table of Plenty









Table of Plenty was created from this experience of finding purpose through the creation of nourishing food and a business that inspires and helps others. We helped them find the right product positioning.


The Challenge

Table of Plenty came to us with a new healthy snack product that was at risk of being delisted by Woolworths because it wasn’t performing. The challenge we faced, aside from the tight deadline given by Woolworths, was that there were no clear target audience for the product, nor a clear occasion/usage. The client also didn’t have the funds to spend on traditional consumer research to find these answers.


  • Low spend on paid media that required constant tweaking, optimisation, and narrowing of the key messages in order to get the result Table of Plenty was after
  • They were lacking finer details around the strategic direction — we sharpened our strategy whilst selling the product in the most appropriate way (always learning)

Strategic Insight

The insight was that we could use digital to test and learn in a live environment with advertising what would appeal to various usage occasions and audiences. The aim was to prompt awareness and trial, so we created digital ads that promoted the brand to a particular usage and audience, one that would differentiate it from its competitors.


Using Facebook and Instagram ads, we started off by testing different messaging, based on various occasions and target audience. We then narrowed down to the key messages that received the most response and focused our spends on these, targeting specific demographic groups. We linked the ads to a landing page, which has an option to click-through to Woolworths online, allowing us to track and measure purchase intent. At the end of four weeks, we arrived at a clear winner in terms of message direction, as well as clarity around target audience, allowing Table of Plenty to go back to Woolworths with a clear strategic direction. We’re happy to report that their product can still be found in Woolworths.

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