We believe marketing should always start with business objectives. And with limited time, limited money, and limited energy, the marketing strategy can make all the difference.

Our process covers:

  • Opportunities and objective-driven ideas
  • Customer journey step-through, across owned, earned, and paid media
  • An agile approach to marketing an imbedded innovation

To deliver:

  • A consolidated strategy
  • An interrogation of current activities and strategy
  • An 1836 month plan with activities ranked for impact and effort

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What our clients say about us


“Delivered a framework for smarter marketing decisions”

“Assistance Dogs is in the process of gearing up our marketing. Although we already had a marketing plan, we didn't know if it was right or wrong and so we wanted an independent review by experts. That's why we brought on Step Change to clarify our messaging and plan our marketing strategy. 

Step Change have already delivered fresh ideas, a new way of looking at our spend and, most importantly, a framework for smarter marketing decisions in the future. It's a way we can get more bang for our buck and constantly refine our process.”

Kerin welford
Fundraising Manager
Assistance Dogs

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“Quickly they could understand our business and deliver...”

"I knew when I first met the Step Change team that I was dealing with a rare breed. We engaged Step Change for a POP Session and were pleasantly surprised by how quickly they could understand our business and deliver us workable ideas and strategies across our broad range of businesses and products.

My vision was that Codan would evolve from a product and technical focused company, to a marketing lead company. One that was able to bring brand value to any technology category it chose to enter. To do this we needed a Step Change, they've brought innovative marketing thinking to what has traditionally been an engineering lead business and ensured that on this journey we have come out of the gates fast. We've decided to work with them more long term because of the value they deliver"

Donald McGurk
CEO & Managing Director
Codan Limited