Events - Stump The Strategist

Regular business events, hosted by Step Change. We regularly cover marketing, strategy and communications, and everything in between.

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Date: Every Friday, starting 17 April 2020

4:30PM: Session kicks off

Challenge our award-winning speakers live in a keynote session

They’ll tackle all your marketing, strategy and communications questions live on stage.

This is a unique opportunity where you can pose your trickiest marketing questions and get them answered by our strategists in just 9 minutes. Our strategists will use their wealth of experience to ensure you get the most targeted and specific answers to your questions. Get ready to walk away with insights, new perspectives, and clear next steps for your business.

The best bit about our strategists? They have yet to be stumped!

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If you'd like to know when our next event is or where to submit a question, you've come to the right place. We'll take it on at the next Stump the Strategist and even let you vote whether we were stumped or we passed.

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