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Happy Chicken Eggs

Happy Chicken Eggs are a premium free-range egg brand that focus on the welfare of their chickens in order to produce quality eggs for consumers. They are sold exclusively in Coles supermarkets.


In a crowded egg market, our client was asked by Coles to launch an exclusive brand of free-range eggs. A family of farmers, Morry had a great reputation with Coles distributors for consistently delivering high quality, on time. For his new brand, he really wanted to do more to promote the welfare of animals and to give laying hens a good life worth living.

Strategic Insight

We needed to create a new egg brand that had a positive message by walking the talk and, in doing so, traverse the traditional supermarket egg categories and group all of the farm’s positive messages into one single brand message.

The logo represents the bundle of happiness that comes from a happy chicken. The typographic logo form stems from the shape of an egg, giving an organic shape to the logo type. The slight upwards curves in the logo type provide a subtle uplifting smile.


We created more than just a new brand; we actually created a new egg category where animal welfare is a priority. We went from no name to Happy Chicken Eggs: “Free range is just the beginning.”

Working closely with the client, we managed to take the brand from creating the pack design and into supermarkets nationally in just 90 days. Not just that, but sales have been at production capacity from week one with total sales moving from zero to 16,000 dozen eggs per week in under a month, already breaking even on their spend with Step Change investment.

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