“If you took the average of growth from pre-Step Change to post-Step Change you'd find an extra 202 million in incremental revenue..."


“We’d heard good things... and we were not disappointed.”

"The Strategy Session was a great way to get to know how the Step Change team think with virtually no risk to our business. We’d heard good things from other business people about their sessions and we were not disappointed. Our session gave us focus and clarity around what we’re doing in marketing and helped us set some priorities.

We’ve decided to work with Step Change on our new packaging and we’re also looking to our next campaign but you wouldn’t need to work with them ongoing to see value from a POP Session. I’d recommend you work with Step Change.”

Sally Paech
Marketing Director
Beerenberg Family Farm

“So far beyond any consultant I have worked with”

"At Sony Pictures Home Entertainment we have some ambitious goals – deliver growth to the Studio with a leaner, more focused team. The senior team knew where the next 10% of growth would come from, but not the next 50%. We engaged Step Change to facilitate a shift in strategy and thinking - mapping a way to take advantage of the opportunities and navigate the challenges along the way.
Step Change spent a week with our team developing our Strategic Playbook - I loved the energy, focus and thinking around how to create change in the organisation. The ability of the team to distil and summarise our thinking into accessible relatable frameworks was very impressive. The value the team delivers is outstanding and goes so far beyond any other consultant I have worked with.
A week on and I am sitting here Monday morning reviewing our playbook – what a brilliant week and the start of how we think about what our future looks like and how we want to get there. Thank you for taking us on a journey last week that uncovered so much that was sitting below the surface – now time for us to take it and run with it..."

Kim Overall
Senior Vice President Global
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


“We now have a value proposition the team can identify with...”

“We weren’t quite sure where we were with our story and brand. The process Step Change walked us through helped us identify what we needed.

We now have a value proposition that the team can identify with. The benefit of the process is that we all can now speak the same message to our business partners and clients, which provides consistency and supports our business plan. I think Step Change have a worthwhile process and they challenged our thinking, particularly from the clients’ perspective. I was pleased with the result and the journey we went on.

We're now expecting greater engagement with our business partners, clients and team, which I expect will flow into increased sales opportunities.”

Jack McCartney
General Manager - Business Wealth Management
Commonwealth Bank


“I now use them regularly when I have a marketing challenge...”

Step Change developed our messaging then launched us with a website and video explainer. On the strength of the website and video alone, we landed a hundred million dollar client in the UK - two days later I was in London sealing the deal.

Their work has been really successful - it has opened doors at some very large companies.

"I like to think Step change and 3wks are similar in that they're high potency. A very short time spent with Step Change made a very big and positive difference in how we market ourselves. I now have people nodding along in sales meetings - they get it - and it's made us a lot clearer about how to sell our unique proposition.

I'd recommend getting Step Change to review what you're doing around marketing. I now use them regularly when I have a marketing challenge. They've proven themselves to be versatile and best in breed.”

Andrew Walker
Managing Director

“They have helped galvanise the team on our umbrella mission...”

“Thank you again for what was an incredibly productive and invigorating Step Change workshop. To take time out of the office with my key management team and spend it looking at Ten Network properties and sales holistically was a very worthwhile and successful exercise. I highly recommend Step Change to any business, big or small.”

“...A very disciplined process that kept all our stakeholders aligned and on track...”

“...In this ever-changing landscape it's too easy to declare ‘zero time’ for business change and strategic planning. You proved the process to be vital, quick and simple to execute...”

“...They're a very professional group with extremely strategic marketing abilities. They've helped me crystallise my long term strategic plan for the group...”

“...They’ve helped galvanise the team on our umbrella mission, vision, personality and key benefits in this world of multi-channels and digital platforms...”

Kylie Rogers
National Sales Director
Network Ten


“Delivered a framework for smarter marketing decisions”

“Assistance Dogs is in the process of gearing up our marketing. Although we already had a marketing plan, we didn't know if it was right or wrong and so we wanted an independent review by experts. That's why we brought on Step Change to clarify our messaging and plan our marketing strategy. 

Step Change have already delivered fresh ideas, a new way of looking at our spend and, most importantly, a framework for smarter marketing decisions in the future. It's a way we can get more bang for our buck and constantly refine our process.”

Kerin welford
Fundraising Manager
Assistance Dogs


“Quickly they could understand our business and deliver...”

"I knew when I first met the Step Change team that I was dealing with a rare breed. We engaged Step Change for a POP Session and were pleasantly surprised by how quickly they could understand our business and deliver us workable ideas and strategies across our broad range of businesses and products.

My vision was that Codan would evolve from a product and technical focused company, to a marketing lead company. One that was able to bring brand value to any technology category it chose to enter. To do this we needed a Step Change, they've brought innovative marketing thinking to what has traditionally been an engineering lead business and ensured that on this journey we have come out of the gates fast. We've decided to work with them more long term because of the value they deliver"

Donald McGurk
CEO & Managing Director
Codan Limited


“Helped our senior management team clarify our thinking...”

“Step Change really helped our senior management team clarify our thinking and agree on our messaging as a group. It was a fantastic day that energised the team and we continue to build on the work we’ve done with Step Change”

Simon Joyce
MCM Entertainment Group Limited


"3 years with endless management meetings, and Step Change nailed it in one morning."

"We have been trying to get our message right and align the business for 3 years with endless management meetings, and Step Change nailed it in one morning. We engaged Step Change to review both our messaging and tactics and the results are astounding. Looking forwarding to putting the ideas in action!"

Eris Hess
Managing Director

“Facilitated the session expertly”

"I engaged Step Change to facilitate a 2 day strategy & planning session with my newly formed marketing leadership team, designed to help us come together and create a shared vision of our future and how to get there.

Step Change facilitated the session expertly, giving us space to debate where needed while keeping us on track and on topic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Step Change.”

Vicki Aristidopoulos
Consumer Marketing Director
Fairfax Media