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Meet Step Change


We are a new breed of strategy consultancy: covering business, marketing, and momentum.

We are for the leaders and lovers of change — the ambitious ones out to shake the status quo!


We turn ‘?’ into ‘!’ helping businesses get the ideas, answers and alignment they need to win!


Our purpose is to inspire step changes in businesses and people.

kevin“Hard work may not be enough. You need to spot ‘discontinuities’, or step changes in the industry that may disrupt market leaders and give you a breakthrough.”

~ Kevin Chinnery, Associate Editor, BRW, on beating the #1 in your category


In a word collaborate. But in a special step change way. Our strength is our best practice frameworks, built from sourcing the world’s best ideas – then refining them as we put them into practice. It means for you, better ideas, sooner than you thought possible… (and often a LOT more fun along the way)

Why Step Change

Australia’s Most Recommended

We’re Australia’s most recommended specialist strategy consultancy
with over one hundred 5 star google business review


We Get Results

We’ve helped:
– businesses triple conversion rates by unlocking a single marketing initiative
– a listed company on the ride from taking their share price from under 50¢ to the north of $8
– generate anything from a x10 ROI on a campaign to a x10 return to profit from investments made with us


100 Client Projects Each Year

In the last 10 years, we’ve worked with over 100 client projects a year across just about every category there is – from fertility to funerals and everything in between.



That means we’ve seen it, solved it before — and can recognize the patterns that mark the path of success that businesses might not necessarily see from the inside

How We Can Help

Crystallize Value

Articulate your existing offering in a clear and compelling way

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand story
  • Value proposition
  • Brand archetype

Amplify Value

Maximize your customer experience with impactful moments of value, while streamlining your customer journey

  • Customer journey refinement
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing initiatives

Reimagine Value

Identify and align on the “why, where and how” to best apply scarce resources to maximize future value

  • Business strategy
  • Context review
  • Strategic choices
  • Ideation

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Ryan Santua

Ryan SantuaRyan Santua

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Adeline NeohAdeline Neoh

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Christopher BishopChristopher Bishop

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Janelle GiangoJanelle Giango

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Ace AstilleroAce Astillero

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Karla RuleKarla Rule

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Stephanie YuStephanie Yu

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Rocelo BeceraRocelo Becera

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