Magdalena Bishop

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Magdalena Bishop


Magdalena has always looked at ways to stretch her skill set and capabilities throughout her career.

A natural in embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities, Magda sees to it that everything runs smoothly for the team to ensure they get the best possible client outcomes.

Magda’s degree in Science, Applied Science (Podiatry), a Master’s in Wound Care (High Risk), Real Estate Agent license (specializing in englobe land sales) and completed property development projects over the last few years comes in handy as Step Change’s General Manager and Money Honey.

Magda’s laser focus and understanding of detail within service delivery are thanks to her varied experience in different business sectors, creating opportunities that bring out exceptional outcomes for stakeholders. Her desire to learn has helped her build a creative skill-set in Photography and Pottery, which she shares with her daughter.

Family, unique experiences, and client satisfaction are her current main drivers within her personal and professional life.

With this continual mindset of growth, Magda has pushed herself (physically and mentally) in a four-week trek in Kyrgyzstan to climb Podega Peak for her 30th birthday. Her hiking experience has propelled her forward towards building upon her abilities in different areas of life.

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